Animal Husbandry and Fisheries

Telangana accounts for 3.5% of India’s total geographical area and 2.9% of population and ranks 12th both in geographical area and population among Indian States. The State is newly formed 29th State in India and blessed with rich livestock resources especially cattle and Sheep population accounting to 5.52% of country’s population. Rural population in the State is predominantly agricultural with more than 2/3 of its workforce being engaged directly in the agriculture sector.

About 29 lakh families in Telangana State are engaged in livestock sector for their livelihood. The value of livestock produce is estimated to be Rs. 12403 crores at current prices and the livestock sector contributes 4.86% to GSDP (2010-11 Third Revised Estimates).


Department Profile:

Livestock sector is emerging as one of the potential and income-generating source to the rural community and providing full time employment in rural as well as semi-urban areas. Livestock wealth is the backbone of the rural economy. Agriculture farming taken up in smaller land holdings is becoming unproductive in recent years, due to lack of assured market/ fluctuation of prices for produce and other adverse seasonal conditions. Thus, the farmers are shifting from agriculture to Livestock farming.  Availability of technology and inputs are also contributing to the shift.
The State stands 10th in Livestock population, 1st in sheep population, 12th in Goat population, 5th in Poultry, 13th in Bovine population and 17th in pig population, in the country as per the Livestock Census, 2007.  With an annual output of 942 crore eggs, the Telangana stands 3rd in egg production in the country.  Every eighth egg in the country comes from Telangana. With annual meat production of 4.29 lakh MTs Telangana stands 6th in the country in meat production. With an annual production of 39.51 lakh MTs of milk, Telangana occupies 13th position in the country in milk production (2012-13 approved estimates of GOI).


Mandate of the Department:

The mandate of the Department is to increase the availability of animal origin foods like milk, meat and eggs to human   population through scientific breeding, feeding and disease management.


Fisheries is one of the fast growing sectors contributing to GSDP of the state as well as Generating income and employment. The Sector aims at exploitation of all the possible Resources under capture and culture fishery base for increasing fish production and Productivity through sustainable development. The sector is contributing considerably for, Food security, nutrition and health, lively hood security to rural population, and welfare of fishers.

Vision :

Optimal utilization of natural resources for fish production, promote freshwater aquaculture, Supported by infrastructure and trained manpower.

Mission :

Holistic development of the sector, with focus on enhancement of productivity and production, Self-sufficiency in fish seed demand, supply of fish at an affordable price in hygienic condition and render welfare schemes to fishers.