District Co-operative Office


Department of Cooperation Office of the District Cooperation Officer, Hanumakonda

The main objective of the Cooperative Department is to enhance the financial support of the members of the society based on the Cooperative Societies Act and Principles.

In Hanumakonda District there are (16) Primary Agricultural Co-operative Societies and (01) Mulkanur Co-operative Rural Credit and Marketing Society, (510) other types of Co-operative Societies registered under the Telangana Co-operative Societies Act, 1964. Also till the month of May 2024 (46) Mutual Aid Co-operative Societies are registered under the Telangana Mutual Aid Co-operative Societies Act, 1995.

Collection of Paddy by Co-operative Societies under the Co-operative Department:

(113) Paddy collection in Rabi 2024 season for collection of grain by all Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies / Rythu Seva Cooperative Society / Wide Cooperative Society / Mulkanur Cooperative Rural Credit and Marketing Society Ltd. / Mutual Aid Cooperative Society / Orugallu District Cooperative Marketing Societies Centers have been approved.

For the Rabi 2024 season, 5.8 lakh quintals worth of (129.11 crores) worth (129.11 crores) will be purchased by (13220) farmers in the above mentioned (113) paddy collection centers and the farmers will be paid for the paddy taluka they have sold through online.


According to the instructions of the State Cooperative Election Officer for the Cooperative Societies under the Hanumakonda district, elections were held for (12) Cooperative Societies in the year 2023 till the month of May.


Audit of (522) Cooperative Societies under Hanumakonda District and Rs. 12,64,859=00 collection under audit fee is required by the end of the year 2022-23. Rs.8,35,943=00 has been collected for them.Furthermore Rs.4,28,916=00 is to be collected from the weaker sections of society.