Economy of Warangal Urban

Waranagl is located at such an important place where possibilities of development are endless. Most of the people are dependent on agriculture alone. However, agricultural economy suffers during summer months due to water scarcity. The economy of Warangal U is also depended upon tourism as it receives hundreds of tourists every year because of its historical significance. Let us tool at some major industries of this region:

Hospitality Industry of Warangal Urban

Being a heritage place,Warangal  is famous for its hospitality industry. A lot of people visit the place every year for its ancient attractions such as Thousand Pillar Temple and Warangal Fort. To increase the tourism here, a lot of restaurants,  hotels and bars have opened their chains here and attracting more and more people day by day.

Export Industry of Warangal Urban

Most of the export of the city happens in the form of rice export only as the area is famous for its major rice cultivation. Companies such as Kinnera Seeds Pvt. Ltd., Sri Shanti Rice Mill, Surya Industries and Balaji Stake Rice Industries offer export of rice and other agricultural products. Apart from rice, Pembarti crafts are also exported not only to India but also to other foreign countries from the area. Leather products also come under the main list of exported products from Warangal. Handicrafts are one of the main exports of the area which includes export of stone monuments, brassware and silk (handloom weaving) handicrafts.

Agriculture Industry of Warangal Urban

Warangal is most famous for its agricultural industry. Grain production is the main resource of income here and it stands at second position in the entire world in the market of grain. Most of the farmers are engaged in the production of rice for not only the market but also for the survival of their own as it is the main food of the area. Cotton is another crop of the area. However, its production is decreasing due to negligence of the government.

Information Technology Industry in Warangal Urban

Not many information technology companies exist here at the moment, but the recent government has decided to set up a Software Technology Park of India (STPI) in NIT Warangal. Their intentions are to lure Information Technology companies due to its proximity to Hyderabad, which is already a favorite place among Information Technology fraternity. Warangal is supposed to be an excellent choice for Information Technology companies due to some very important factors including proximity to Hyderabad, lower traffic problems, good transportation facilities and cheap infrastructure as compared to tier 1 cities and a good number of bright students from some of the best colleges of India.

Other Industries of Warangal Urban

Warangal is home to some of the small and medium scale industries, but the large scale industries could not be developed here due to the negligence of the government towards development of the area. Even some of the existing businesses started during Nizam’s Rule have been closed, enhancing the unemployment in the area due to the same reason. Azam Jahi Mills is the example of the same. If the scenario will continue in the same way, Naxalite movement can increase in the area due to increasing unemployment day by day. Leather Tanning, Textile industry, Tobacco Products, Wooden Furniture, Paper and paper products, Mineral based products, Electrical Machinery and Transport Equipments, Repairing and services and Animal Husbandry are some of the other industries flourished here at a comparatively small level.