Dairy Development Co-Operative Federation Limited

Description about the Department:

The Government has established Hanumakonda dairy in the year 1975 with a capacity of 20000 liters handling capacity per day and Bulk Milk Cooling Units 6 No’s for procuring milk from various villages under the district there by providing financial assistance for the livelihood of the rural farmers.

Departmental Activities:

  • Procuring milk from rural dairy farmers by giving remunerative price.
  • Processed milk selling to Urban Consumers on affordable price.
  • Providing milching animals to milk producers through bank loans depending upon the repaying capacity.
  • Arranging milk tester for fat testing.
  • Arranging 40 liters milk cans for collecting milk for village level.
  • Arranging mandal level Bulk Milk Cooling Units for cold chain facility.
  • Arranging feed for Farmers from TSDDCF, Feed mixing Plant, Gadwal on cost to cost basis.
  • Description about the department scheme details and related applications:

IDDP X Plan 3 No’s
RKVY 2 No’s
CM Package 1 No